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Delicatessen Design was founded in 2009 by Zvi Keren and Ellia Nattel, partners in life and design. Each comes from a different field of design – Ellia has a background in art and product design and Zvi comes from graphic design and advertising. Working together enables us to produce a wide range of original and refreshing design work.

We offer high quality & unique design services. We specialize in branding, print, digital, exhibition & corporate design.

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Exploring the potential in cardboard products,
Ellia Nattel's graduation project in industrial design
H.I.T, 2008
‘Cardoll’ – A hybrid of a stuffed rag-doll & a greeting card.
Various collectible dolls.
‘Cardstick horse’ – Comes as a flat piece of card from which one can easily tear off the horse’s head. Expand the interspace opening, insert a stick inside & gallop away.
‘Piggy Bank’ – Unlike it’s ceramic sibling, there’s no need to break it in the end, just tear it’s tail off. There’s even place to write down one’s income and keep track of it.
‘Upholstered cardboard stool’ – comes flat to save space (very easy to assemble), light weight & sturdy.
‘CardCoffin’ – Instead of flushing your dead fish down the toilet, get this card, fold it into a coffin, add a few last words and give your friend a proper burial.
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